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PE&PP from 32mm up to 500mm

We have the capabilities at our facility to butt-weld PE&PP from 32mm up to 500mm (larger sizes available on request). A wide range of pipe and fittings in both SDR17 & 11 kept in stock to ensure fast turn-around times.

Fittings include spigot flanges, backing rings, tees, cap ends, 90 & 45 degree elbows and reducers of all sizes.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we are situated just 15 miles from the UK’s largest stockist and distributor.

We have the very latest Ritmo Alpha 400, capable of mitring bends upto 400mm (larger sizes available on request) in diameter as well as fabricating wye tees, 90degree tees and crucifixes up to 315mm.


Stub flanges




Reducing tees


Cap ends


Any angled bend


Reducers of all sizes

Approvals and accreditations:

All of our staff are trained to the highest standard. We have been to the manufactures facility in Italy to be trained on the safe and correct usage of all workshop equipment. As well as this all workshop equipment is tested and calibrated every 12months. All pipe and fittings used and kept in stock carry all UK & European approvals for its intended applications. GAS pipe and fittings hold GIS and BS EN 1555-3. Water pipe and fittings hold WIS, WRAS and BS EN 12201-3. FM pipe and fittings can also be used if required. Certification available on request.